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Upcoming events

    • 14 June 2022
    • 14:00 (UTC)
    • 29 June 2022
    • 17:00 (UTC)
    • Online

    Virtual event Spring 2022

    Because of the ongoing uncertainty in relation to the travel restictions imposed upon us due to Covid-19 pandemic, the Agifors Council has decided to also in 2022 have all the study group meetings as a virtual event. 

    The event will be spread out over three weeks, with two sessions per week on Tuesday and Wednesday


    Major topics to be discussed and reviewed relate to Manpower Planning, Crew Operational Disruption Management, Crew Rosters, Preferential Bidding, Crew Recovery, Crew Systems Access, System Integration, Airline Integrated Solutions, KPIs and Post-operation analysis, Machine Learning, Crew Management Systems and the impact of industry changes on crew management. 

    Come and share with us your ideas, thoughts, current trends, philosophies, and latest technological advances on any of the above topics.

    As we are still very much in the Covid-19 pandemic, we would like to hear your story. How did your corganzation copes with the situation, what you have learned from this, and how do you plan to move forward from here.
    It would benefit our community a lot if we get to hear how you were able to modify your systems, procedures, and optimizers to deal with the new normality.

    International Sanctions

    Due to international sanctions in place our website is currently unable to process payment from credit cards issued by most Russian banks.

    AGIFORS will no longer accept new membership applications, sponsorships, or registrations to any of our upcoming study group conferences from individuals affiliated with a Russian-based entity, including Russian-based airlines.

    Individuals who register as private citizens and make payment with personal funds are welcome to attend. Any person that is already registered or completes registration with Russian-based entity funds and/or affiliation will have their registration cancelled and refunds will be issued. Current members or correspondents who have a Russian affiliation in their profile who wish to register independently for an event must first remove the Russian entity from their profile.

    If you have any questions regarding this policy, please direct them to secretary@agifors.org

    Meeting Website

    • 12 September 2022
    • (CEST)
    • 15 September 2022
    • (CEST)
    • Toulouse, France

    AGIFORS' 62nd Annual Symposium will be hosted by Air France and Airbus in Toulouse, France, on September 12 –15, 2022.

    We are delighted to welcome you to Toulouse, France in September for our first in-person event since the pandemic!  In addition to 3.5 days of technical presentations, we will be honoring three new Fellows and recognizing our student Anna Valicek finalists and Ken Wang scholars.  The conference will be held at the Espaces Vanel which has large conference rooms surrounded by wrap-around balconies for enjoying the outdoors and soaking in the views in between sessions.  There will be several networking events including a Welcome reception on Monday evening and a Gala banquet in the historic district of Toulouse on Wednesday.  Sponsor booths will be located in the break area and provide ample opportunities for interacting one-on-one with participants and showcasing products. 

    With regard to the technical program, 2022 has been one of transition for the airline industry, with recovery rates differing across other parts of the world.  Never before have we parked about 50% of our aircraft for months, and then attempted to reactive so many aircraft and align crew resources so quickly.  This whiplash effect has created unprecedented challenges across multiple functional areas including revenue management, scheduling, crew management, operations, and maintenance. The AGIFORS Symposium provides a platform for airline experts and decision makers to come together and exchange ideas on how the industry is addressing these and other challenges. The Symposium will feature recent advancements in continuous pricing, disruption management, schedule recovery, crew recovery, workforce planning, and predictive maintenance.  Many of these features will feature advanced analytics methods, including machine learning and AI.  Experts come from airlines, air transport associations, universities, industrial research labs, consulting firms, and vendors. 

    Some highlights for this year's Symposium:

    • Reduced registration of USD 650 for airline and academic members, USD 1100 for vendors. Rates apply for AGIFORS Members registering before 30th August 2022. Non-members and registrations after 3rd September will incur an additional USD 100 fee.  Cancellations after 9th September will incur a USD 150 fee. 
    • Presentations by the two Anna Valicek student paper competition finalists
    • Presentations by the Ken Wang Scholars
    • Technical presentations and sponsor presentations

    Details can be found on the conference web page.

    Call for papers

    At this time, we are soliciting a call for presentations across a range of topics including: COVID-19 recovery models and approaches, airline operations, airline strategy, cargo & logistics, crew scheduling, e-commerce, flight planning, maintenance, merchandising and personalization, revenue management, robust planning, schedule and network planning, traffic uncertainty.

    Key dates for those interested in presenting

    ·  Abstract deadline: August 12, 2022

    ·  Notification of acceptance: August 22, 2022

    ·  Presentation deadline: September 2, 2022

    For details see HERE and submit your abstract HERE. If you have any questions please contact Lavanya Marla (technical program chair) at  technical_chair@agifors.org 

    For more information about the 62nd Annual Symposium Conference:

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